Courtship of the Rose… The Perfect Christmas Gift From Heart To Heart!

The Christmas season is upon us once again! Black Friday, Cyber Monday… so much to do & so little time! Looking to find that special boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, mother-daughter, father-daughter gift or “stocking-stuffer?” Your quest ends with Courtship of the Rose! Courtship of the Rose is a passionate, medieval romance in the style of courtly love. Made in America, the hardcover Limited First Edition of Courtship of the Rose is only available in the United States direct from our JACK Publishing LLC website. Please place your order before December 10th to allow the United States Postal Service time to deliver your order before Christmas. From December 10, 2018 to December 17, 2018, JACK Publishing LLC is making the hardcover version of Courtship of the Rose available for purchase at Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Looking to give that perfect Christmas gift, certain that it is both unique and special? We can guarantee it! We only printed 1,100 copies of Giliane Russell’s Courtship of the Rose in hardcover format. Each Limited First Edition copy of Courtship of the Rose comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Once all 1,100 copies are sold, the Limited First edition of Courtship of the Rose will no longer be available.

Looking for an eBook? Have no fear… the eBook Edition of Courtship of the Rose is available in EPUB format in the United States and 51 countries throughout the world from Smashwords Direct, Apple Books, Kobo and many other retailers carrying the Smashwords Premium Catalog. Whether in hardcover or eBook formats, Giliane Russell’s Courtship of the Rose is the perfect Christmas gift from heart to heart. Courtship of the Rose is a work of fiction. Any actual romance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved… Please Court Responsibly!