Please respect our fuzzy little friend’s wishes and do not use the information provided here to send us unsolicited manuscripts. Any unsolicited manuscripts we receive will remain unopened, will be slathered in peanut butter, and then given to our fuzzy friend. We leave what happens next to your imagination, but we don’t believe you want your hard work to end up this way. If you are an Agent acting on behalf of a prospective Author, looking for a way to reach us… please don’t! This may seem like a squirrelly way of doing business (pun intended) to some, however, it is the way we choose to do business. Now that we have the grumpy “what we don’t wants” out of the way… on to the fun stuff!

We absolutely do want to hear from you with constructive ways to improve our website and our products. Any constructive criticism you feel compelled to share with us will be gratefully received. What do we consider constructive criticism? Saying our website or products suck, without telling us what in particular sucked, why it sucked, and what could be done to make it suck less (e.g. better), is negative criticism. Conversely saying our website or products are wonderful, without telling us what in particular was wonderful, why it was wonderful, and what could be done to make it even more wonderful, is positive criticism. Positive or negative criticism combined with appropriate information becomes constructive criticism, which we do want and allows us to make improvements. Please be polite and provide a means for us to contact you in return.

Any rants, tirades, or other impolite ways of expressing yourself to us will be treated with the same respect and attention an unsolicited peanut butter slathered manuscript receives a day or two after our fuzzy friend has finished with it.

If you simply wish to receive advance notice of upcoming publications and events from us, please feel free to let us know.

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