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What to give the bride and groom? Or what to give a member of the wedding party to show your appreciation for participating in your special day?

For those looking to give the bride and groom something different and lasting rather than picking from the registry listing of overpriced gifts that are sure to end up forgotten in a closet or donated along the years, wait… Do you really believe the bride and groom truly need or want a mother of pearl inlaid tofu pasta maker? Or that a marriage can’t last without a three in one convertible barbeque- Adirondack chair-hair curling set? Of Course Not!

That is why “Courtship of the Rose” is the perfect gift from heart to heart.

Long after the other items have been recycled, repurposed, or (we know, we know!) re-gifted, your gift will keep on giving. This Limited First Edition and the story within will bring the bride and groom back to their special day and the love that brought them there long after they have attended their children’s weddings… perhaps passing your gift on to continue a tradition you may have started… who knows?

So, now to the bride and groom… There is still time to add “Courtship of the Rose” to your gift list. As for trying to pick the perfect gift for both the male and female members of your wedding party… Do you really think the antique replica Tibetan nose hair trimmer is the right thing to give the best man and his attendants? Or is the spa package at Crazy Susan’s Chop Suey Palace and Car Wash the right gift for the maid of honor and the other bridesmaids? Of Course Not!

“Courtship of the Rose” is a passionate medieval romance that can be given to both sides of the wedding party. One gift that fits all and allows you and your prospective mate to share the love you feel for each other with your special people. Perhaps your gift may lead to further weddings in the future… After all, check out our disclaimer below:

“Courtship of the Rose” is a work of fiction.

Any actual romance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved…

Please Court Responsibly!