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My Story

Once upon a time there was a High School English paper that went into a box, where it remained forgotten for decades. In the years that passed after High School, while still in its box, the story resided in many places. One day, amid the clutter and dust of years, like “Sleeping Beauty,” it was released from its box and saw the light of day…
Out in the light, it was read and reread and the High School English paper began to transform into a manuscript. And thus began the struggle for its identity as a book…

“What type of book should I be?”
“How should I look?”
“What if nobody likes me?”
“Am I an artsy medieval manuscript,
a quickie paperback, a serious hardcover tome?”
“The outfit makes the book, right?”
The story determines the look…

“These were some
covers I tried on,
but they weren’t

“I am passionate, youthful, and honorable… Hmm, and courtly… I know I am going to be a case bound (hardcover) book. Those cover designs will work if I wear a dust jacket, but I don’t like hiding my true self. Also, my cover will be hot foil stamped and those designs are too intricate for that. I want a look that is simple, elegant, and gives that medieval “feel” even though I will be made using modern materials and methods.”

“This one feels right…”

“Some accessories complete the look, and I am off to the Printer…”

“And then to the Bindery…”

“Then to JACK
Publishing LLC,
and finally to

Giliane Russell first encountered English and European history as a girl travelling with her grandparents and listening to their stories. She was especially enchanted by English gardens and the attention to detail and feeling. Today she lives in an English style cottage tending her own garden.

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