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Are you looking for something special and different that expresses your feelings for her, this light of your life with smarts and spirit? Do you want this birthday to be sensational? “Yes, Sensational… That’s it!” you exclaim… but how to make it happen? Being Publishers, we are also word nerds, so let us explore the meaning of the word “sensational.”

“Sensational” not only means “exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great,” it also means “of or relating to sensation or the senses.” She typically (like you) has five senses, so the folks on Madison Avenue keep pushing you to get her jewelry (sight), fashionable outfits (touch), perfume (smell), an evening out on the town that includes a fine meal (taste) and live entertainment (sound). Give all of these gifts to her on a single birthday and, if you are like most of us, you will be broke… sensationally! Fear not! “Courtship of the Rose” is here to rescue you from potential ruin.

“A book!?” you intone incredulously. “How can a book be a sensational gift?” “You folks must be out of your ever-loving minds!” While we do admit to being a bit different, we also believe “Courtship of the Rose” truly is the perfect gift from heart to heart and sure to please her senses (check out our disclaimer). Once she sees the book, takes it into her hands, and experiences the story contained therein, her mind willfeast, her heart will sing, and her birthday will be sensational!

“Courtship of the Rose” is a work of fiction.

Any actual romance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved… Please Court Responsibly!