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Are You Going To The Faire…?

Huzzah! At last there is a gift fit for a Queen and sure to warm the heart of your lady fair! Be Ye a King, a Knight, a Squire or a Vassal, this tale of yore and courtly love evokes a passion so intense that it should not be given lightly. Be Ye Warned! “Courtship of the Rose,” whether given by the most eloquent Lord or tongue-tied lad to his lady fair, is sure to convey to her his devotion and adoration. She is sure to warm to its message of love, blush from the boldness of its declaration, and dare to let the overflow of her own heart spill forth in return. Who knows where the magic may take Ye…

Whether Ye give “Courtship of the Rose” to your lady for the Faire, for her birthday, for Valentine’s Day, for your anniversary, as a stocking stuffer, or just to say “I Love You,” this will be a gift she will treasure forever. “Courtship of the Rose” is truly the perfect gift from heart to heart.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! “Courtship of the Rose” is a work of fiction.

Any actual romance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved…

Please Court Responsibly!