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Anniversary or Special Occasion

What anniversary is this for you and that special lady in your life? First, fifteenth, or thirtyseventh and a half, whatever anniversary it may be, one thing is certain: she has put up with your joyous off-key singing in the shower, the stealth hairs in the sink, and you two have settled the toothpaste tube debate in harmony. You, on the other hand, have put up with her soprano snoring, hogging the covers in the chill, and the occasional ice-cold foot to the back in the middle of the night. However long you have been together, your passion for each other has grown into something wonderful, private, and inexplicable. Love as you first knew it together has blossomed into a life language only the two of you understand.

Each anniversary hails another milestone that picking from the “what to give on your [fill in the blank] anniversary” list simply cannot express. You two already know that no amount of material items or money can ever replace that special person in your life. Yes! Jetting off to Paris this year for your anniversary may be exactly what you both want to do. If you can do it, then go for it! You never know what tomorrow may bring, but you do know that you want to be together forever.

Most of us celebrate closer to home and seek a gift that conveys the joy we have today and the treasure we hope for tomorrow. “Courtship of the Rose” transcends time and works as a gift for the first to hundredth anniversary. Alone or in your carry-on, this little book will take you places. Have a happy anniversary!