Courtship of the Rose – Limited First Edition


Courtship of the Rose is a passionate medieval romance. Bound in imitation leather, this 96 page hardcover limited first edition (only 1,100 copies will be sold) is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Printed in full color and illustrated, this 4” by 6” book is designed to take you to a time where courtly love, honor, and passion are all that matter…

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Here’s how one reader described Courtship of the Rose:

“Courtship of the Rose is an elegant and lovely book of poetic prose that engages the reader’s imagination to create a whole scene from each paragraph. The illustration and colorful initial letter that begin each chapter is a visual delight setting the style of the period and evoking a fairy tale quality. Contained in a velvet pouch with a numbered card, this limited edition makes a beautiful gift.” A.M. Hollis, NH