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The Tao Of JACK Publishing LLC

“Sensei, what is the meaning of this saying … From the fires of imagination…Comes creation? How can JACK Publishing LLC say such a thing?” “True understanding, Seito, comes from listening and waiting for the door to open at”

“First… the phrase “Our Books Speak for Themselves” is simple. It expresses the essence of the Tao of JACK. A book is “a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.” In the digitized world of today, “books” also exist as mere electronic files of ones and zeros displayed on many different electronic devices. With time, everything that is old becomes new and that is the Tao of JACK Publishing LLC.”

“Forgive me Sensei, but… is this a test? I am more confused than ever…”

“Patience Seito, patience… The essence of a book is the story contained within. That story is woven by the Author for the Reader through an arrangement of words and phrases designed to fire the Reader’s imagination thereby letting the Reader create and experience the world defined by the story. For each story JACK Publishing LLC publishes, the story has whispered to JACK’s creative team what paper, illustrations, binding, etc. to use. It takes time to bring the whispers and dreams within a story into the world. When the dream becomes solid in book form, is held in human hands, and experienced by the mind, the book speaks.”

“Seito, you may go now to and sit with the Tao of JACK Publishing LLC, and do not be afraid to return from time to time. Remember, JACK Publishing LLC is open to the way of bringing stories into the world in many forms to let those books speak for themselves.”